I have a confession, I’m not interested in reality TV shows because maybe it’s the second season of ‘Big Brother’. I don’t know what really turns me off, but I think it might be the saturation effect. Suddenly every second show I met was the same format and that was getting even more ridiculous.

I might give up too soon, because I know I’ve lost a lot of cool guys who are naked and open all. For example, I missed seeing sexy British guy Max Morley naked on Love Island ‘in 2015, and that’s definitely something I will enjoy!

But, at least his nudity is alive in the history of photography and we can enjoy the former section of Cricketer who strips himself and swims in swimming pools in writing like this.

He’s a handsome man with a big body, and I think we all would love to see Max Morley naked and show everything, right?

He apparently appeared on di Ex on the Beach year last year, so maybe there is more to be seen from the series. I have to look and see what else I can find with this handsome man.