I need to concede I spent excessively long attempting to work out what I’d seen him in when I found these photographs of beautiful hunk Eddie Cibrian shirtless in a scene for his job as Eddie Valetik in “Take Two”, at that point I worked out that I was desiring the attractive stud when he was showing up in “CSI: Miami” right around ten years prior!

Might he be able to be another of those men with Italian qualities who never appears to age? Or then again, in the event that he ages, he just appears to get more sizzling as time passes. Here I am attempting to battle the lump by working out like a nut case each time I eat a stuffed of chips and this person looks this damn fine at age 45. I’m plainly accomplishing something incorrectly, yet I have an inclination fixing it would take a costly fitness coach and a dietician I assuredly can’t bear.

It’s alright, I’ll simply need to support myself by getting a charge out of these shots of Eddie Cibrian shirtless and attractive, wearing only a towel. It is ideal that it was definitely not a live communicated on the grounds that the sheer will of a million watchers all rationally requesting he drop the towel would have most likely been a lot to withstand.

Too bad, he doesn’t drop the towel, yet he stands there looking inconceivably provocative, causing every one of us to consider beginning a letter-composing effort to get another shirtless scene with him in the following period of the show.